A Study of Alliteration and Cynicism

Four friends fast fell victim to a vindictive world
whose wicked wily whispers bid them be blithely unaware
unassuming, unintended, unbeknownst and unafraid
and in insolence imprinted them to think that they should shun societal systems.
But what words would wizen when wickedness brought
to ruin the rambunctious, resplendent repose
and quarrelsome qualms quickly encountered their quarry
in four fair friends looking lovelessly lest lust lick their wounds.
Six swindling, swiping sheriffs saw some silver four friends had forgot,
and using their useful and unified wiles,
asserted the apt, adept friends with their smiles.
As friends fell to folly ‘neath fast-witted fiends,
foes became they in their plight,
and pardon and parley and politeness they prejudiced
and left luckless louts lacking light.
The poor four friends fought fire with fire
when futures they frantically scorned
and when, with a wanton wink, the wicked old world turned,
four friends fell like shadows forlorned.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                                   [2/9/08]


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