Advice to My Sister

My advice to you is don’t turn around.
Don’t linger in the doorway when it’s time to say goodbye.
Don’t you watch that sunset and wish for anything.
Watch the steps you take so you know the steps you’ve taken.
You don’t need to follow the rules all the time,
But pick your battles.
For there will come a day when you will have to fight for something
And I want you to be ready when that day comes.
Fight with all your conviction and passion and righteousness.
It’s ok.
But now is not the time.
Now it is time to forgive and be forgiven
and to smile through your tears and be content in the knowledge that this moment
will never come again.
Today is for you my dear.
I have never not loved you.
And I will continue in that far longer than today or tomorrow or the next fifty years.
It’s ok.
My advice to you is don’t turn around.
You don’t have to see the footprints in the sand to know you are walking on.
Make for yourself a life of wonder and peace.
It’s ok.
I’ll be here.  Always.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [4/10/08]


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