It is night now.
Yes, it falls swiftly this time of year,
no lingering pinkish fingers touching the cheek of the mountains,
or grazing fondly over the silky plains.
These months it is at once day
and then night.

But tonight in particular,
I had no sense of time,
and the blue tint of night came like a shadow upon the world,
turning it dark.
I was unprepared.

I turned on all the lights so they glowed
orange and golden and wearing the mask of warmth—
but outside in the windows the night burns,
inky in its ponderous ambiguity,

a timely enjambment.

I know that outside it is cold
because in these months the world is cold,
and No One turns up the heat outside,
so when night falls it has no heat to cool down,
so it falls fast and dark and deep.

I think I’d like to sleep
away these nights,
but it is so cold and they come so fast
who knows if I would survive it.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [2/13/10]


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