Conversations with God

“Will the Son of God ever come back to Earth?” I asked God when it was raining one day.  “Come back?” said God, looking at me sideways.  “Jesus was not my Son.  He was my son as you are my daughter.  But yes, one day he will come.”
“So Christianity’s wrong.” I said.  “The Jews were always right.”
“Not in the least.  That’s the problem with religion and humanity.  Humanity creates religion to explain what is unexplainable and purely divine.  I did not establish religion.”
“But Christianity follows Jesus.  So it’s wrong.”
“There is no right or wrong religion because religion was not set down by Me,” said God tenderly.  “If you follow your religion and do not blaspheme against it, you will go to Heaven.”
“But you said…religion wasn’t…”
“To me, religion does not exist.  Faith is all that I require.  To you, to have faith is to have religion.  Humanity creates complex explanations instead of accepting what is given them without question.  And they overcompensate.  But this is how I created you.” said God when I began to argue.  “So that the person who accepts life with faith will be happy; much happier than the person who seeks life with answers.”
It was, quite possibly, the only straight answer He had ever given me.

“Wheres my drive?  My inspiration?  My ambition?” I said to God on Friday.  “I’m not the person I used to be.”  But this time when he answered, it was in Japanese, and I went home without any answers and without a word.  But in my heart was a strange desire to learn Japanese.

“What’s the first thing you ever did?” I asked God the next time we met.  He thought for a moment, then said, “You wouldn’t understand.”  And when I tried to argue, He said, “When you can tell me how to create life, and when you truly understand the world, I will ask you what you first did and you will tell me I would not understand.”  I had to admit He probably had a point.

On Tuesday we met in a diner on 4th Street, and I asked Him if I was being manipulated by the Devil.  “Sometimes,” He said.  “people do evil things they wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes they do great things they wouldn’t normally do.  These are the acts of the Devil.”

             “Great things?” I asked.  “The Devil makes you do great things?”

             “Often,” said God.  “You think what someone does is great until you realize the ripples it causes.  The effects of their actions.  Remember that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  I merely looked at Him.

©10 April 2011


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