For an Old Friend

Yes, the house seems empty now.
It seems quiet without your
hard, heavy breathing;
the clacking sound you made walking across the hardwood floor;
the quiet comfort I got from your presence in the night.
Yes, we all look cleaner now—
no trace of silver upon our clothing,
no colonies of fur collecting in the corners of every room
behind couch and candle.
Yes, I still think I hear you now—
barking at the back door
(you always were indecisive).
Yes, we will always miss you.
We will remember you as you were,
you’ll be glad to know—
woolly and frisking about in the California heat;
learning to climb stairs when you were the size of my hands;
chasing the cats we brought to live with you.
Yes, I begin to forget your touch, your smell,
the shape of your eyes—
yes, it saddens me.
But sometimes when I see the concrete angle of a dam,
I can see you running.
When I hear the squeak of a toy football,
I can see your wise, blue eyes.
You, the essence and memory of my childhood—
You, the constant we all took for granted—
You, the friend and protector—
Yes, we love you.
Yes, we will see you again.

We miss most that which we love best and that has left the biggest, most lasting mark upon our hearts.

For Paco (11/1993-8/2008)

May you find love and peace throughout eternity.
We will always love and miss you.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                                   [8/20/08]


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