The warnings were shouted in the street
before the war was made obsolete
and the houses all stood calm and empty
and I never left my abandoned city.

I felt the obligation that one feels
living in a city built on wheels
to move along the milky skies
and avert my heartstung eyes.

We lived and died here; we died so young.
We patched our lives together among
the frozen walls, the patterned sheets
that held us together and made us complete.

The years would pass and look the same
We’d follow the dreams we never could name.
Our houses grew to swallow us
as we moved along through the stars and dust

in our rollalong, cemented, quilted, wheeled city
and we never saw anything quite so pretty
as the sight of the moon as it passed in the wake

of all the stars we would pass by mistake.

We spent all our time looking out, into the dark lonely Great
that we owed our existence and that taught us to wait.

And we waited for as long as we could
before we forgot that waiting was good.

And the war was made and I wasn’t sure who ever won,
but by the time we had swung ourselves back round the sun,
it was just my abandoned city and me,
wheeling along through the great dark Empty
to a destination unknown beyond this place
where I hope to find peace without so much space.

                                                            -Kaitlyn Medina                       [11/1/09]


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