I hold you too tight because I want you to go,

Want you to leave and I want you to know

That I can be hurtful and mean and jealous too,

I can be all the things you hate about you.

I’m dying in your love, suffocated by your embrace,

And I’m chained to a bed in a dark frightful place,

Where the lights are all red and the world is so hot

And no one ever is except when they’re not.

You’re like a drug or a sleeping disease

Riding the dust or the wind of a sneeze

And you consume my whole self, eating me from within,

Leaving me just a shell of original sin.

There’s no beauty in this world, only flesh and blood,

And I stumble in my prison, mired in mud.

You were my savior, I piteously cried

And to the echoes of silence, I silently died.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [11/29/09]


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