I Long for the Night

A common truth not commonly known:
In the absence of meaning, apathy is grown.
Likewise, in the absence of work and fulfilling play
Meaning leaves the bright long hours of day.
Apathy festers, then grows with vengeful might
Till to find motivation, I turn to the solitude of night,
And, finding solace in loneliness and dark,
I to insomnia turn, and abandon the morning song of the lark.
In the cool midnight hours, when sleep evades,
I let my spirit run with abandon until my apathy fades—
There, in the hours twixt twilight and dawn,
I find the true meaning for which my soul longs.
Easier to forget in the soft embrace of night,
My restlessness returns with the return of light.
Calm though I feel, through the long sunlit day,
I long for the night, when my spirit can play.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [8/10/08]


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