I find myself the mystified observer of a magnificent 3D world.
Neither eloquent nor profound,
here I sit,
pontificating and ponderous
as life swells about me,
brimming with the promise of sunlight and daisies and
everything appropriate and satisfactory on a day like today.
Twelve years lie behind me,
an education priceless to several thousand children my age
in several other countries;
here, my school is audited for not reaching maximum reading level.
Our opulence is blinding.
I can see the spindles of a dead bush outside fluttering half-heartedly in the breeze,
chilly and resoundingly practical
and what do I think but that reality is something simplistic and beautiful.
No, not beautiful
so much as immense and stunning and awesome in its complexity.
No, not complexity
so much as overwhelming immortality.
Perhaps the whole point of a day that reeks of normalcy as much as today does
is that reality is way too big for the scope of human comprehension.
I think that is adequately summarized.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [3/6/08]


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