The Comfort of Noise

There is a calming sort of presence in the air tonight.
It weeps without tears and sighs out the light.
Its silence is empty, unfeeling and cool,
and wraps the whole world in a silvery pool.
If you walk out the door into the night air
you may keep on walking with nary a care,
which makes me feel solemn, calm as it seems,
that tonight steals the pulse out of sadness and dreams.
The tranquil still night seems too much like a tomb,
which, though a peaceful and quiet and calm enough room,
shuts out the air, the sound and the light
till naught but a soul could escape its dark night.
And, parched by the desert of breathless decay,
my own soul seems thirsting for the aliveness of day.
So, although tonight is calm and silently poised,
I remain alert, listening for the comfort of noise.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [8/4/08]


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