The Thing That Was

There’s so much I never said
And now it’s running through my head;
The words and smiles that never came through
my longish thoughts to get to you.
It’s like regret or something smaller
But it builds inside my inner squalor
and threatens to escape in the form of tears,
which means they’ve all turned into fears.
It’s terrible being so far away
and still having so much left to say.
The more they run inside my head,
the sadder they sound—the more I dread
the thought of your face, your smile, your kiss;
the way your hair is always slightly amiss.
It makes me smile before it makes me cry–
what life was ever more awry?
We follow paths that are miles apart
and still hold hands within our hearts.

                                                -Kaitlyn Medina                       [3/13/09]


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