What We Think On

I remember the good times,
all the colors we painted ourselves,
wearing masks and smiles full of teeth,
dripping irony and pitifully mouthing the words to our
favorite songs.
We let them define us
because we were scared of what we would say
if we had to do it ourselves.
I remember the good times,
holding our scientists too high above us
and claiming our ignorance when we knew they were wrong.
We’d probably have fallen in with them
if we had just held them a little closer to us.
We’d pass the time and kill the lights,
walk outside and be so chilly and smile even when we complained.
We knew all along
what every story, every cautionary tale, every book meant
but we did it all anyway.
We were beautiful then, and scared.
So full of doubt, we’d play at heroics and dream of grandeur,
but we knew all along.
Our lives were like the flowers you gave me—
spraypainted brilliant to hide the blandness underneath.
But we were so sure that we had no clue.
We knew all along.

                                                            -Kaitlyn Medina                       [10/6/09]


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