Paper Doll

What am I if not a paper doll
Adrift in wayward winds,
Longing for the sea at last,
Or to see my home again?
But paper dolls should not want much,
Their paper hearts are small;
The world itself is far too big
For a little paper doll.
Their hearts were made for singing
And for letters sent by air,
For single stars by candlelight,
For ribbons in their hair.
A paper doll is fragile,
Her feet weren’t meant to roam.
A paper doll is patient,
And keeps her dreams at home.

I am a little paper doll,
Paper to the very core,
I know I can’t control the wind,
So I resign myself to soar.
But I know not where my feet may land,
Nor where my heart may lie
When the breeze decides it’s through with me,
And leaves me (where?) to die.


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