Do not melt when you are weary,

Do not falter when you’re teary.

Lean against your will and reason

And find your strength in every season.

Trust your heart when it says go,

And listen when it tells you no.

Do not crave the wishing well

That gives you pain but does not tell

The truth of life’s hard cracking lands

And bids you wait with folded hands.

And do not heed the voice of fear

That speaks of love you must keep near

And follow not the path of haste

And leave behind the foes you’ve faced.

And be patient when you feel at last

The burden of a heavy past.

Your feet unfettered may be sore;

Ghosts may walk upon your floor;

But keep your doors and windows open

For the soul yearns for a dream unspoken.

Your fate is more than what you are,

So go. And by god, you’ll go far.


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