Fifteen Years

Was it fifteen years ago
We watched
The angry storms of dust,
The violence of bodies falling,
Holding our mouths,
Our eyes and hearts
Wide and afraid?

What fell that day,
In the charred ashes of
Some eternal beast?
Was it true that we were dreaming
In concert,
Did the flimsiness of human weight
Really descend
Into a petrified future?

Are we dreaming still?
Did we ever blink?

Are they still falling?

© K Paige Medina 9/11/2016



Is there a creature left on earth
Unafraid of falling–
Of the violence of shaken ground,
Of time suddenly stalling–
Do fish flung back to sea
Feel relief or feel afraid?
Are they sorry then to cease the
Soaring flight that they had made?
Can they mourn the loss of flying
Though it ended in a fall,
Or do they swim away instead
And never fear at all?

For I’ve been flung, myself,
Into abysses I have known,
And never been the happier
For once more falling home.

©K Paige Medina 6/30/16