you tried to keep me afraid
but I met Ananse in Africa, and was

baptized in the silk of his tricks.
I learned to sweat out my anger
and not to kill what I feared;

your small spinner’s legs
are breakable too,
and I am no longer afraid of you.

©K Paige Medina 2 April 2017



Ghana, you
Took my breath away
With your boisterous expulsions
Of welcoming,
Unsettling in their sincerity,
With your eyes,
Like water and oil,
Like the earth bubbling.
Did I dream you,
Flightless land,
Your gardens hot like mouths
Your hopes sunning themselves
In the unimpeded light?

Are these the words, then,
That I have left of you,
Dipped in the sweetness of nostalgia,
Homesick for a home
That was never mine?

© K Paige Medina 9/18/2016

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